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Unleash Your Creativity with Our Cooperatively-Funded Makerspace!

At our makerspace, we believe in the power of collaboration and creativity. Join our vibrant community of hobbyists from all walks of life and gain access to a fully-equipped studio where you can build, create, and invent to your heart’s content. With every donation and membership fee, you contribute directly to keeping our makerspace up and running for all members. From 3D-printing to laser cutting, sewing to welding, woodworking to electronics – we have the tools and resources you need for any project or passion. Don’t let your creativity be limited by space or lack of equipment – join us today!

Please contact us to arrange a tour, or stop by during our weekly open-shop night on Tuesdays!

Full Keyholder memberships are $40 per month ($50 for families) and non-keyholder memberships are $20 per month.

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Nerf Shooter Competition Action Caught on Video

The family of Nerf guns assembled for action

As mentioned in the previous Nerf post, once a year we hold a competition that displays our design, engineering and marksmanship skills. A specific model of Nerf shooter is selected and a short list of guidelines is drawn up, then makers are invited to modify their toy as inventively as possible. In this video you

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Maker Faire Kansas City 2018

Once again, members of the Omaha Maker Group participated in the Kansas City Maker Faire. Due to a general lack of interest, we forwent an “official” OMG booth entirely this year, focusing instead on the Power Racing Series. Garrick and the Tesla coil crew had quite the show, though, and even got a photo of

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RedBull Creation 2012 Entry

RedBull Creation challenge entry. It’s a brain-wave game. The players stand on opposite sides with wireless headsets that measure brain waves. One of them presses the big red button on the back, and then as they focus the power of their minds, the arm responds to their brain wave readings, and moves back and forth

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Lincoln Makerspace

Somewhere, deep in the capital city of Nebraska, is a building.  This building is full of smoke, full of mirrors.  Inside, birds take flight, machinists grind away in a vast darkened wonderland, and countless scavenged items from around the countryside rest in hulking, sometimes dilapidated heaps, thrown into rows awaiting re-discovery and thrifty sale. Need

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