The family of Nerf guns assembled for action

Nerf Shooter Competition Action Caught on Video

As mentioned in the previous Nerf post, once a year we hold a competition that displays our design, engineering and marksmanship skills. A specific model of Nerf shooter is selected and a short list of guidelines is drawn up, then makers are invited to modify their toy as inventively as possible. In this video you will see a selection of the contestants competing in the four events: accuracy, aesthetic design, speed and distance (because we are allowed to modify the inner works of the shooter to make it more powerful). The distance trial was outside at night so video isn’t much use, but the imaginative participants discovered that the projectile’s “whistle holes” are excellent places to mount a wick. We lit our wicks afire and shot again, just for fun. Also included in this video, we attempt to shoot a dart through a copper pipe using physics!

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