Schedule Change -Open Studio Every Tuesday!

After much discussion among the Board, the decision has been made to change our weekly schedule to Tuesdays only.
Effective October 2nd, OMG Open Studio Time each week will be on Tuesday, every week.  Doors will open by 5:30p.  If we have a presentation or a space meeting, that will start at 7:00p.
We felt that it was getting more and more confusing for our guests to try to figure out which week was which, and other folks had trouble keeping the schedule straight.  And based on Thursday attendance, we felt that this would be a better solution overall.
That does not mean that you can’t still drop by on a Thursday evening, or any evening for that matter, if you are a keyholder.  In fact, if you feel strongly about Thursday evenings, I encourage you to continue opening the space on Thursdays, and posting such here on the mailing list.  Heck, with your involvement we might just become a 2-evening makerspace!
See you this week for our last regularly-scheduled Thursday Open Studio Time, then I’ll see you on Tuesdays!

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