Egg Drop Contest – Results

Last Sunday (April 1st) was the first Omaha Maker Group Egg Drop.  The competition was much in the same style as the Nerf Gun Mod Contest run last fall; This competition had a lower entry barrier, and thus far greater turnout, with 10 total entries (Eric entered twice).  All the eggs survived the drop, but Stephanie was the big winner, with a score that bested the next entrant by a factor of 4. Click through for full results, and a little high-speed video, thanks to Ben.

Official scores are below.  It should be noted that these scores really only mean anything at the competition drop distance (11 feet + James, or about 15 feet). Some of the very low-scoring designs (namely Eric’s cube and Steven&Dan’s baggie-o-slime) took an amazing amount of punishment in the post-match destructive testing.  In many cases, a lower score just means that the device was overbuilt for a 15 foot drop.

2012 OMG Egg Drop – Official Results

Entrant Weight (g) Max Dimension (in) Distance (in inches)
Composite Score
Stephanie 1 15 93 32.26
Kevin 41 15 8.5 8.61
Solaris 225 14 6 2.38
Eric – Triangle 61 12 26 2.36
Don 57 15 28 1.88
Dave 63 11 43 1.51
Ben 52 15 77 0.75
Mike 305 11 54 0.25
Eric – Cube 478 15 28 0.22
Steven and Dan 1676 10 20 0.13

Stephanie’s device consisted of a series of helium filled balloons, granting her an almost non-existent score and a 30x weight multiplier. Even with her 93″ drift, that still netted out to a 10x gain.  It’s been said that her design broke the rules, though not in the sense that she cheated, but rather that her design caused the rules to malfunction.  Way to go Stephanie!

Without further ado, here’s the video shot by Ben.

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