Handlebar Camera Bracket

Tonight, I finally got around to finishing up the Handlebar Camera Mount project.  The mount consists of a hunk of printed PLA, sawed in half, and bolted back together around the handlebars. At the moment, I have a piece of rubber tape wrapped around the bar, under the mount, to keep it from slipping, but […]

Print heads for the Makery Mendel

Tonight, I was on assignment for Brandon and the Makery Mendel again, this time drilling some really really tiny holes. These acorn nuts will be used as print heads to extrude the molten plastic on the almost-done Makery Mendel 3D printer. I started the process by holding the piece of allthread (Which has a shallow […]

Printer Parts – Heater Tube

Jason notes that I forgot to post a photo of the other Mendel parts I’ve been building for the MakeryMendel.  Below are photos of a stainless steel heater tube (the one that I didn’t ruin by welding a drillbit to the inside) as well as the “order form” that Brandon sent me. His drawings aren’t […]

Blowing Smoke: DIY Smoke “Bomb”

Who said bomb? Not me. Not you. Its just smoke, people. Dave gives a great fireworks related demonstration, just in time for the 4th of July. If you ever need to send smoke signals, here’s how: OMG doesn’t recommend you go out and do this on your own without experience and safety equipment. /disclaimer

“$5” Flying Wing

While the entire project might have cost a bit more than $5, this remote control plane built by Luke is still pretty inexpensive.  Check out the videos of it flying at the park last Saturday. 

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