How to wind an extension cord

James demonstrates how to wind an extension cord to keep it tangle free and easy to deploy.

1 thought on “How to wind an extension cord”

  1. Do it again, but this time, stick one of the ends through the middle of the coil before you throw it. You’ll get one knot for each pair of loops. This is generally more useful when used on someone else’s cords.

    After you coil it, plug the ends together, then equalize all the loop diameters so it’s neat, then spray paint a stripe across the coils behind the plug where you hold it while coiling. Next time you coil it, match up the paint strips and when you finish, the ends will plug together without leaving the last loop too big or small.

    Attach some cord with a larks head behind one plug. After coiling the cable, use the free ends of the cord to tie the coil.

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