April 5th – Tricopters and SCADA

The next regular meeting will be at the space on Tuesday, April 5th at 7pm. We’ve got two presentations:

Brandon will be showing his progress on the remote controlled Tricopter he’s been working on (as seen on this site); If you’re unfamiliar with exactly what a Tricopter is, it’s like a quadcopter with just 3 rotors.

Nick will be pre-presenting his paper on SCADA, an acronym used to describe the systems used to control the supply of electricity, water, gas, and so much more. Because of their high profile status, SCADA systems have been garnering a lot more attention from unsavory elements. This talk represents an introduction to SCADA systems and attempts to look at the challenges in securing them.

The space will be open starting around 5:30 on Tuesday through whenever people leave after the meeting. (Though the meeting typically runs from 7 to 8 or so). See you all then!

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