Parts spreadsheet in Links

Hey all, we are currently trying to get a handle on what things people have and are planning on donating to the space.  Look to your right in Resources  for a google spreadsheet with current planned equipment donations. or click here!

3 thoughts on “Parts spreadsheet in Links”

  1. I have several things I would like to donate. They include an exercise machine, several computer parts, and various electronic devices. If I need to drop things off during regular meeting times, that is great. I just need to know the items will be taken. I’d like for them to have a good home with the group rather than just tossing them. Thanks.

  2. Its great you want to contribute to the Group, Unfortunately these comments dont seem to be monitored as much as they should be.
    You should post to our forums which are a lot more active.!forum/omaha-maker-group
    Maybe include some specifics of what you would like to donate?
    We do have a room that is full of all the donations from people already, so we try to limit new stuff to really useful or different items.

  3. Hey, I read your spread in the OWH. I think what you guys do is great..I have a Barbie corvette I bought for my daughter in the mid-late 80’s does not run but would look awesome crossing the finish line in 1st place at the next makers guys are more than welcome to it if you want it.

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