TacitTheremin: A spatial awareness tool for the blind.

What’s this strange thing?  This is the TacitTheremin, a device which helps blind people understand their surroundings using ultrasonic sound ranging.  Designed to work in tandem with a cane, this device allows users to get a greater sense of what’s around them at ranges that exceed a cane and in any direction in which its pointed.

Inspired by the Tacit, an invention made by Grathio Labs, the TacitTheremin is a modification of that design concocted right here at the Omaha Maker Group.  It mounts to the wrist, receives distance measurements from an ultrasonic sensor, and outputs sound to the user through a speaker (low tones for far distances, high tones for short distances).  It ranges from 16 feet down to 3cm, 5 times per second.

See the original Tacit here.  The TacitTheremin is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA License.

This whole project started as an attempt to replicate a Tacit (because the idea is just so darn cool), and in the end it turned out to look quite different, with different coding as well.  You can read about the epic journey in detail, and make your own for a friend (on an individual project basis).

But enough technical stuff.  See it in action!

Currently, this prototype is being field tested by a local Omahan named Mike, who happens to be blind.  Stay tuned for a followup video.

You can reach me with any comments, questions, or concerns here.  Just be sure and put “TacitTheremin” in the subject.  Alternatively, feel free to comment below!





4 thoughts on “TacitTheremin: A spatial awareness tool for the blind.”

  1. Great one…!!!
    Can you give the details of this project like Grathio…
    details like circuit diagram ,block daigram etc??
    Kindly share all the stuff related to that project…!!!

  2. Kindly tell one thing that we can attached the both project that was the Grathio and your audio based project??
    If yes so how can we attached the software and hardware…???
    Kindly also answer it thanks..!!!

  3. Hi,
    Good Morning.

    I’m from Brazil, and I’m doing the glove for the blind, for a project at school.

    The Arduino code you entered is giving error. Could you send me the code by email?

    Thank you (:

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