Furnace crucible and tongs

Kevin was kind enough to bring down his nice crucible after I brought in my furnace body. The crucible is just barely small enough to fit inside the body with about 1/2″ clearance on either side.

I may try to increase this slightly, as the sides aren’t perfectly circular anyway.  I’m just not sure how to ream it out without destroying it.

So I spent an hour or so making a tool for the upcoming aluminum smelting sessions. :) I came up with a nice set of tongs that fit right around the body of the crucible. It fits nicely between the body and the sides of the furnace, but you sometimes need a bit of finagling to get it in, or out. All in all, it works pretty well.

I loaded it up with a bunch of aluminum scraps we have, as tightly packed as I could make them, and the tongs seem to hold it just fine.


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