Next meeting: 2/22/11, 7:00pm @ PKI

Ok, so facility update:  we have officially signed the lease.  Sadly, this does not mean we will be there this Tuesday. Due to some final paperwork being done by Omar Bakery, we will not have keys by Tuesday.  Save the rabble, we know it’s really lame.  We start paying rent on March 1, so we will definitely be going to the Omar Bakery in March.

So here we go: OMG Meeting, Tuesday the 22nd, 7:00PM at the Peter Kiewit Institute room # 279.

This really is the last one.  Otherwise we are paying rent for a space that we are not in.

Topics include:

  • Actual setting of plans for a big set-up-the-shop event for the first Saturday in March (March 5th).
  • Quelling any anger over February rent.

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