Welcome to the Omaha Maker Group! We’re happy you’re here!

You’re now a member with all the responsibility and privileges that entails:

Key Holders:

  • You may open the space at any time, using the “Open” sign. You may also use the space at any time.
  • You may bring as many guests with you as you like, but you may not leave guests unattended, and are responsible for them.
  • Minors should never be left unattended at the maker space. There are power tools, after all.
  • There are occasionally meetings of groups at the space; be mindful and courteous of these groups. 
  • But how do I get my key? You’ll need to stop by the space while a board member is available. Tuesday evenings are a sure bet, but if that does not work for you, please email info@omahamakergroup.org arrange another time. You will need to sign a liability waiver and we’ll need a photo/copy of your drivers license or other state-issued ID.

All Members:

  • You are one of many members at the space and we do not have any staff. You are expected to clean up after yourself and leave the space nicer than you found it.
  • Minors should never be left unattended at the maker space. There are power tools, after all.
  • We have a tools wiki that should help answer any of your questions about the tools. If there is not enough information there, please contact the Tools Manager: Kevin Fussleman
  • If you break a tool through normal operation, or find one broken, please email tools@omahamakergroup.org so we can get it fixed. These things happen and everything breaks down eventually.
  • You have a box for your personal belongings and projects. Anything you are working on that you want to leave at the space must fit in your box (and be in your box) when you leave. If you need to leave a larger project, you need a parking permit. Please refer to the parking permit policy.
    • With this in mind, anything outside of a box or without a parking permit will be considered space property and will be handled as such, including disposal.
  • We have open shop time every Tuesday evening and any other time a member opens the space using the sign.
  • The first Tuesday of the month will be designated for Presentations. Contact a board member if you’d like to speak or know someone who would.
  • The third Tuesday of the month will be designated for announcements, though these may happen more often.

Your board member officers are: 

  • President – Sarah Edwards Kladstrup
  • Vice President – Eric Kaplan
  • Treasurer – Everett Kladstrup

Your volunteer leaders are:

  • Web Content Manager – Patrick Bartmess
  • Tools Manager – Kevin Fusselman

Your board member directors are:

  • Power Wheels Leader – Ben Hutcheson
  • Grant Coordinator – Art Doler
  • Volunteer Wrangler – Dave Thacker
  • Event Coordinator – Don Cross
  • Public Relations – Mike Timm
  • Maker Space Manager – Brandon Norris
  • Education Coordinator– James Harr