OHAI Service

The OMG Here Am I service is a notification system that can tweet a notice of your arrival at the Makery. The OHAI server watches the OMG2 WiFi network to see when new devices arrive at the Makery, and when it sees your phone or other WiFi-enabled, web-capable device that you have registered with the service, it will tweet whatever message you like to the Omaha Maker Group Twitter account.
To enable the system you must first associate your WiFi device to the OMG2 WiFi network and then visit the OHAI service configuration web page. You can find the address for the configuration page on a QR code poster on the wall in the front room at the Makery. Just scan the QR code or type in the address to load the page. Change the checkbox on the page to enable notifications, and enter the message you like into the appropriate text box (please keep it suitable for public viewing!).
OHAI tracks your presence at the Makery in half-hour chunks. If you are gone for more than half an hour, it will tweet again when you come back. You don’t have to be gone for a full half-hour. If your registered WiFi device isn’t on the network at the end of a half-hour chunk, your absence will be noted. For example, if you are there for 25 minutes, then leave for 10 minutes, it will probably tweet again when you come back.

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