Has Tables and Benches

Got a few pics of the Space as it is currently.

There is a nice bench with some tools mounted to it, and a couple nice tables.


Space is Shaping Up

The Space (aka The Makery) is really starting to come together. A build day has been scheduled for this Saturday (March 26th, 9:37am) to see about some shelves and tables.  Full details on that are the mailing list.

In other news, our local network is operational;  We have Wireless-G, network printing and a functional DHCP/DNS server.  Internet access, long a subject of (heart|head)ache at the space, is scheduled for install tomorrow evening.

Now, a few photos of setting up networking and the general state of things.

Happenings from Friday and Saturday

Just a few quick photos from last night and today’s setting up at the space.  Lots of people stopped by to help, and a good time was had by all.

At this point, the space has the following furniture:

  • Two folding tables (one larger, one smaller)
  • A round table (would seat 4)
  • 1 Sun server / Entertainment Center :P
  • 3 plastic Plano shelving units
  • 2 server  cabinets (which may or may not be good for holding servers)
  • 1 particleboard desk
  • 6 chairs (3 folding) and one stool

March 5th Move-in!

Move in day!  March 5th.  Someone with keys will be there by 11:00am.  Bring a paintbrush, pan, and a tarp.  We’re painting!  Also, we can take stuff and put it into the middle of the place for now.  Let’s do this!

In other news, we are now officially recognized by Instructables! A box of stuff will be coming our way.


Omar Bakery – 4383 Nicholas (east of saddle creek).  Parking is across Nicholas Street to the north (in the fenced parking lot).  Our entrance to the building is on the west side of the building, through the glass doors in the “loading dock” area.


The happy Omaha Maker Group