“Gingerbread” “House” Event – 12/19/2017

Hey gang, it’s time again for OMG’s annual Gingerbread House event. Note that this event has no actual gingerbread (we use graham crackers) and few, if any, “houses” in the traditional sense. In the past, we’ve seen locomotives, hobbit holes and skyscrapers.

This years’s event coincides with the regular meeting on December 19th. As usual, doors open around 5:30pm and people are usually around until 9 or 10pm. The start time is nominally 6pm, but realistically people will arrive and work on their construction whenever on that evening.

Frosting “mortar” and whatever decorations leftover from last year will be provided, but please consider bringing a box of crackers and some things to decorate with.

This is traditionally an “open house” sort of event, with folks bringing friends and family. The holidays are for group gatherings, after all.

Hope to see everyone there!

Learn about Lockpicking from a Toool.. member

Would you like to learn about lock picking? Come to our meeting Tuesday July 10th @ 7pm.

The meeting will feature a talk from a member of Toool.us (The Open Organization of Lockpickers), Steve Beck.

Steve will cover three topics, two of which are a little more hands on-ish, the first will be a basic lockpicking talk, the second will be a re-keying talk with a demo and the third will be about making your own picks with a demo.

Stick around after the talk for socializing and Makery Shenanigans.

Directions to the Makery

RedBull Creation 2012 Entry

RedBull Creation challenge entry. It’s a brain-wave game. The players stand on opposite sides with wireless headsets that measure brain waves. One of them presses the big red button on the back, and then as they focus the power of their minds, the arm responds to their brain wave readings, and moves back and forth according to who is focusing best. After 10 seconds the Bullduino (visible at the front in the window) checks whether the pointer is in one of the green scoring zones. If it is still in the yellow zone, it’s a tie and it just returns to center. If it is in one of the green zones the player on that side is the loser, and the ball sprays that player.


It seems like everyone had a great time at yesterday’s OMGWTFBBQ, and many people got their first opportunity to visit the Makery.  Below are some photos snapped at the event;  If you have more photos that you’d like included, either link them in the comments, or shoot an email to the list.

On an aside, we had more than a bit of food left over from the BBQ, so we’ll be cooking out again at Tuesday’s regular meeting.  Hope to see you there!

Robotic Arms Invade the Makery!

Following last night’s meeting, a number of Panasonic Industrial robotic arms were dropped off at the Makery. These arms were used in some sort of assembly operation, and seem to have been manufactured (at least the motors) in the early 80s. A number of people hung around pretty late messing around with them, and had them moving under their own power on pretty short order.

There are some videos from last night, which are now available here.
Any ideas for what they could become? Brandon recommends that they NOT be used as an arm-wrestling simulator 🙂

April 5th – Tricopters and SCADA

The next regular meeting will be at the space on Tuesday, April 5th at 7pm. We’ve got two presentations:

Brandon will be showing his progress on the remote controlled Tricopter he’s been working on (as seen on this site); If you’re unfamiliar with exactly what a Tricopter is, it’s like a quadcopter with just 3 rotors.

Nick will be pre-presenting his paper on SCADA, an acronym used to describe the systems used to control the supply of electricity, water, gas, and so much more. Because of their high profile status, SCADA systems have been garnering a lot more attention from unsavory elements. This talk represents an introduction to SCADA systems and attempts to look at the challenges in securing them.

The space will be open starting around 5:30 on Tuesday through whenever people leave after the meeting. (Though the meeting typically runs from 7 to 8 or so). See you all then!

Next General Meeting: Tuesday March 22nd – 7pm

Our next regular meeting will be at the space  on Tuesday, March 22nd at 7pm. No official topics are planned yet.  If you have a presentation that you’d like to give, please email the list and we’ll get you on the docket.  We  do have screen facilities, though not quite as nice as what we had at PKI (yet 🙂 ).

Also, as of right now, we are mostly ready for anything that you’re planning on bringing. At the moment, we’re most in need of furniture (shelves and chairs especially), though just about anything can be stacked on the floor for the time being.

Click here for directions to the space.