Dave K

Prusa Mendel frame

Assembled a Prusa Mendel frame tonight. Still need to get some smooth rod for the X and stainless threaded rod for the Z screws.

Reconfiguring the machine

I found today that my Linisteppers have the wrong transistors, which prevents them from regulating current properly. At 24v they were pushing enough power to bring my motors up to 240F. Rather than continue experimenting with the linisteppers I decided…

New Pololu driver carrier boards

My Pololu stepper driver carrier boards arrived today. I’m looking forward to comparing them to the linisteppers, and to seeing how my junk box nema 23 steppers compare to the nema 17’s that came with the Zen Toolworks machine.

Zen Toolworks 7×7 3D

I’ve been wanting to get back into doing some CNC stuff, in particular the various RepRap-like 3D printing projects. Rather than building from scratch I decided I’d like to start with an inexpensive platform.I poked around a bit and found the Zen Toolw…

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